Welcome to The Brown Orient.

Founded in February 2018, The Brown Orient is a passion project in its formative years, set to birth its inaugural issue in August of this year. But new as the journal may be, it is continuously priming itself to live up to its ambitious but starkly necessary objective: to serve as the answer to the apparent underrepresentation of Brown Asians in the global narrative. Staying true to our found purpose of uplifting marginalized talents, we chose to specifically cater to women, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and nonbinary folks from the Brown Asia, who remains to be sidelined even among their own communities.

The Brown Orient aims to provide these wonderful but unheard voices a space for bold artistic expression that they can treat as exclusively their own. This is a venue for discussion among creative minds long hindered to soar high, a melting pot of their experiences and imagination, reflections of their cultures and identities.

The Brown Asia deserves to be heard. Join us in disrupting the silence.